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Ben Wilson is a highly skilled Los Angeles-based unit stills, event, and portrait photographer who takes pride in his nimbleness and professionalism on set. With a keen eye for capturing the desired images, he effectively communicates with the camera team, 1st AD, and Publicity team to deliver exceptional results that everyone is happy to share. He is passionate about event photography, where he excels in roaming and exploring to capture the highlights and vibe of any event. Ben also has an innate ability to work with people to capture images that not only make them look good but feel good. As a studio executive, company, or person you can trust Ben to deliver outstanding results that meet your specific needs and capture the essence of your brand.

Eye & Eye



Recent Clients

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Unit Stills Photographer
"War of the Worlds 2" feature film (2023) 
"Alien Apocalypse" -feature film (2023)
"Intel Creator Challenge Season 3"- competition show (2023)

"Doors" -short film (2023)
"Residuum" -feature film (2022)

"Seraphim"- short film (2022)
"Bite"- short film (2022)
"WalMart-Tineco" - commercial (2022)
"Lenbrook-Bluesound" - commercial (2022)
"Sales Are Dope" ( gallery art ) - series (2022)
"Happy for You" - short film (2022)
Omaze - Lake Tahoe Winner Reveal (2022)
CNN - Juneteenth Hollywood Bowl (2022)
Red Bull-Active Lifestyle (2022)
TCM- Follow the Thread (2022)
Omaze - LA Dream Home Winner Reveal (2022)
"Work Life" - short film (2022)
LondonGDDS - music video (2022)

"Amy" - short film (2021)
Omaze - commercial (2021)
Very Short Shorts - short film (2021)
Tubescience - commercial production company (2018-2020)
Fuel Productions - commercial (2018)
Foreign Love - feature film (2017)
Too Far Gone - short film (2017)

"Sobrevivir" short film (2021)
"Soirées" short film (2019)

University of Colorado Denver School of Film and Television 2015

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